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We're reinventing the flooring industry

The flooring industry is currently an endless cycle of mundane tasks, repetitive phone calls and costly mistakes that can result in your business losing thousands each year in lost revenue.
Floorfilment is here to change that.

Our platform has been curated and developed by experts in the flooring industry.

We understand your problems and have experienced them first hand.

We originally built Floorfilment to help both automate and decrease costs for the procurement and logistics departments in our own flooring company.

On average, Floorfilment saves a medium sized flooring company around £23,000 a year in staff and admin costs.

Placing orders has never been easier

Our advanced platform allows you to see live stock availability from 100's of suppliers, which cuts out the need for time consuming phone calls.

Simply search for the product you're looking for and you'll be presented with the best price and current availability.

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All of your orders from each supplier in one place

Manage your orders from different suppliers in one area. See live updates to your orders, and if available, view live tracking.

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