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We help flooring businesses save money and maximise profit.

Level up your logistics by saving time, money and effort with our advanced platform, Floorfilment. Get instant delivery timescales, access all of your suppliers in one place and consolidate your invoicing process using our innovative software.

On average, Floorfilment saves a medium sized flooring company around £23,000 a year in staff and admin costs.

A few of our features

Floorfilment helps your business save time placing orders, consolidating invoices and keeping track of delivery timescales.

One platform connecting to all suppliers

  • Access all of your suppliers in one place
  • Order purchasing for all suppliers in one easy to use dashboard
  • Instantly check progress on all placed orders for each supplier in one place

Price Comparison & Stock Availability

  • See the best terms for all suppliers with one simple search
  • Instantly check the availability of stock across all suppliers
  • Give your sales team access to the platform to ensure items sold are in stock

Tracked Delivery

  • Know who is delivering, when they are delivering and who for in one simple daily notification
  • If tracking is available for your order, view it live
  • Check to see when an order will be delivered, and when an order was delivered.

Automated Invoice Collection

  • All invoices for each order from all suppliers, automatically collected and saved to your dashboard
  • Delivery notes and invoices automatically reconciled
  • Match your agreed purchase price with your invoice price to avoid discrepancies

Advanced Analytics

  • View trending products and suppliers across the industry
  • Understand your purchasing power per supplier to negotiate better rates
  • Compare similar products and calculate your savings

Customise your notifications

  • You decide which notifications team members get, and how frequent
  • Receive notifications on the arrival of an item or when an item comes back in stock
  • Want to know how much you have spent today? You can select this as a daily notification and even break it down by supplier

See the platform in action...

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See how much your business could save

Using our interactive calculator below, you can see how much your business would save (on average) per month by using Floorfilment, as well as suggesting which plan would work best for your company.

Flooring companies on average experience the following...

Time Spent

30 mins per order on average

Human Error

1 out of 20 orders on average

Duplication Errors

1 out of 50 orders on average

Invoicing Admin Hours

20 mins per order on average

You could save over £0 per month by switching to Floorfilment.

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